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This JUNE-August we are launching a new CUSTOM Summer Development Program geared toward a complete on and off ice development! 

We will create a specific personal program just for your development. 

How the process works:

  1. Meet with us via phone call, zoom, or in person to go over what your goals and aspirations are.

  2. Decide to what services and to what extent you want your program to be. 

  3. We develop a development plan and schedule for your services. 

  4. You will now have a roadmap specifically for your development for this summer to be able to reach your goals. 


For your program you can pick and choose whichever services you want included in your program.  

Options to choose from:

  • On ice training. Private or semi private sessions 1-2 times per week. 

  • Video breakdown. This is if you want your ice sessions to be recorded and we can give reference and feedback throughout your on ice session and/or if there is something that we would like to discuss further in depth, we will go over it with you after the session. 

  • Vision Training. Option 1) Vizual Edge online program for vision training for 8 weeks of the development program (see link in menu bar to learn more). Option 2) Reaction training. This is in person for 20-30 minutes before or after your on ice session at the rink. You will run through specific drills to help with your coordination and reactions.

  • development feedback after each segment/block of training

  • Guidance on progress and continued development of your game throughout the summer as you head into next season. 


Program outline

  • Block 1- Foundational keys​

  • Block 2- Habit building​

  • Block 3- Tactical, compete, IQ focus​

Target start date is the first week of June and runs through mid August. Ice slots and gym time will be scheduled accordingly to fit your schedule. Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your game and obtain tools to progress to new heights of success through a consistent progressive program! 

Register below to reserve your spot ice slots are first come first serve.  

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