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Mentorship Program 

I have build a wealth of knowledge of the ins and outs of the hockey world and know how stressful it can be as a player and family as you're trying to navigate through a hockey season and beyond. You can only acquire this knowledge through experiences and I have experienced everything you can possibly think of as a player trying to continue to grow and reach your ultimate goals. I have seen things from "the other side"post playing career as an assistant coach and head coach in NCAA, Junior, and Youth hockey, which makes this program and its offerings a very UNIQUE opportunity for you to learn, develop, and navigate through the hockey landscape in current times. 


Some questions that players and families have asked:

When should we look to make the jump to junior hockey? 

What is the junior hockey landscape look like? What the difference between tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 junior hockey? 

How do you get recruited for junior and/or college hockey?

How should we communicate with coaches?

When do coaches (youth, junior, and college) communicate with us? 
How do I know if a program is a good fit for me and how do I identify potential organizations where I'll be a fit? 

When should we consider prep school? Should we consider prep school? 


and so on...


I will answer any questions you may have and  I'll have legitimate real life examples of different options and avenues to help guid you and your family. 


The mentorship program is built for each individual player and family needs. Some example services of the program are:

  • 100% all access and 100% honesty

  • Guidance, mentorship, and preparation for recruitment process for junior and college hockey

  • Guidance on NCAA requirements

  • Program identification

  • Development plan/roadmap for in season and in off season

  • Game video breakdown 

  • and MORE


Don's hesitate to contact me to learn more and to have a discussion on how I can help.   

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