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The MCD 2 and 10 blog is on!

I am starting this blog to get information out to you. At the core of my business, my goal is to help YOU navigate through this crazy hockey world and help with your journey because I have lived my experience as a player and coach to the fullest up to this point and still going. I will dive into what my journey was like in another post, but for quick run through, I'm from a "non traditional" hockey market, moved away from home at 16 years old, climbed junior hockey ladder, fell off that ladder got back up, played on championship winning teams, played NCAA D1, was an All American, got cut from teams, got traded from teams, didn't get contracts renewed, negotiated my own contracts, played pro hockey at nearly every level possible, and have been able to parley that into a career in coaching. All done somewhat without knowledge of how the process typically goes and essentially "winging it" along the way so to speak. Don't get me wrong, there was a ton of people that helped myself and my family throughout my path from the time that I was a kid all the way until now. Though, at the time I was progressing through the hockey ranks information and ability to connect with specific people, teams, camps, advisors, etc... was not as readily available as it is now and the landscape was vastly different.

I am going to cover anything from asking questions to get you to start to think about your development, your style of play, your path so far, your goals, your actions on the ice and off the ice (parents included) and how that fits in with a team environment in the past, now, and in the future because all of those things are always changing from team to team and level to level. I'll also have quick video clips and edits for goalies, players, and team concepts to help with play recognition and development of hockey IQ, so when you get into game situations and higher levels of hockey on the ice or when you're sitting in a meeting room going over video, you know exactly what to expect to see.

Why call it MCD 2 and 10? Could be because some posts are 2 minute reads or videos. Some may be 10 minute posts or videos. Some may provoke you to think and reflect for 2 minutes. Some may get you to think and reflect for 10 minutes. Whatever combination it may be, all of it is for the betterment of you. I can count on one had the things that I would have done differently throughout my career so far, but those very few changes, if I could change them, would have completely altered my trajectory and path. If I can get you to think about different paths, options, and opportunities that you may have in front of you in different ways so you know you are making the best decision you can then I have accomplished my goal.

And hopefully you can look back at your journey as a 33+ year old and know that you made the best choices you could on your journey and loved every stop, every peak, every valley along the way.

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Until next time,

Shane Madolora




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